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Dr. Hamann and Colleagues

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18109 Rostock, Germany

Characteristics in children's treatment

Dr. Hamann, Zahnarzt in Rostock - KinderbehandlungChildren are different.

They require more attention and therewith also more time, have to adapt themselves to the dental treatment and want to have everything explained in detail.

Treating children gently means a matter of course to us. If a child is very anxious, a treatment under laughing gas might be a good choice, and in the event of massive caries, a general anaesthesia may be indicated as well - particularly for very small children. For this purpose, our practice team is regularly supported by an anaesthesiologist.

Early detection examinations for infants aim at avoiding things getting such far.

Our prophylaxis service for children and adolescents

For children and adolescents aged 6 to 17, a prophylaxis programme was prepared in cooperation with legal health insurance companies.

In this age group, this comprises the following services by our practice free of charge:

  • Instructions for oral hygiene
  • Fluoridation of the teeth
  • Oral hygiene - Indices
  • Fissure sealants of the large molars