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Dr. Hamann and Colleagues

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Schiffbauerring 16

18109 Rostock, Germany

Dental fillings and inlays at our dental practice in Rostock, Germany

If a filling is required to be laid, different materials may be used.

Amalgam, material for the posterior tooth area
Composite, material for the anterior and posterior tooth area
Glass ionomer cement
Glass ionomer cement, filling material for a limited period of time
Compomer, filling material for primary dentition

... or you decide in favour of a high-quality filling (called inlay), which will be individually manufactured for you in cooperation with the dental technician in the dental laboratory.

After impression of the grinded tooth the inlay is worked out by the dental technician with highest precision. During your next visit the inlay is inserted using special materials.

You may choose between the materials illustrated below.

Gold inlay
Gold inlay
Ceramic inlay
Ceramic inlay
Composite inlay
Composite inlay