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Dr. Hamann and Colleagues

an MVZ of Acura Dental MVZ GmbH
Schiffbauerring 16

18109 Rostock, Germany

Diseases of the periodontium, generally called periodontal diseases, can be avoided!

Many people suffer from periodontal diseases, with more teeth of people aged 40 and up falling victim to those than to caries. Usually, the disease starts quite innocently and without pain. First of all, just the gingival margin is usually inflamed.

Due to the abidance of leftovers and plaque, the tissue swells up and turns red. It starts bleeding when touched. The reasons are lacking dental care, nutrition mistakes, overload and misload as well malpositions of teeth and the jaw.

Zahnfleisch, Parodontose
Dentition with a diseased periodontal apparatus - the gingiva is inflamed and swollen
Gesundes Zahnfleisch
A healthy gingival situation: The gingiva is pale pink and lies close against the necks of tooth

At our practice, we carry out periodontal treatments.