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Range of treatment of our dental practice in Rostock

On the following pages, we have drawn up fundamental information for you about the range of treatment of modern dentistry.

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Insurance-paid healthcare services:

According to the legislator, services covered by health insurances are defined as necessary, sufficient and appropriate treatments:

  • Fillings
    According to the health insurance, amalgam is used as a standard for posterior teeth and acrylic resin for anterior teeth. For the posterior teeth we recommend composite fillings with a moderate additional payment or inlays for a particularly long durability. Using the Diagnodent laser device may improve caries diagnostics by fluorescence measurement.
  • Root treatments
    Replacement of the dental pulp by a root filling in the event of an irreversible disease of the pulp. The length of the root is measured electronically.
  • Fissure sealants
    Legal health insurances pay the costs for fissure sealants of the large molars for six- to 18- years old children. Additional costs will be charged for:
    • Sealing of primary dentition
    • Sealing of little molars
    • Sealing of adults' teeth
  • Child treatment
    inclusive of prophylaxis
  • Dental prostheses
    We inform you in detail about treatment possibilities and costs.
  • Gingival treatments
    are required in the event of diseases of the periodontium (periodontitis)
    Symptoms: Gum bleeding, exposed necks of teeth, tooth loosening, often also bad breath
    The modern, minimal-invasive periodontal therapy using the so-called ultrasonic curettage usually does not require a scalpel.
  • Treatment of phobic patients and treatment under laughing gas
  • Oral-surgical intervention
    We prepare a status of the wisdom teeth for you using the orthopanographic radiography. This provides for the definitive determination of the necessity of removing wisdom teeth.
  • Video camera
    The high-resolution intraoral video camera enables better diagnostics and patient information.
  • Temporomandibular treatment
    Headache and face pain may be caused by temporomandibular diseases or masticatory tenseness. Physical or splint therapy put things right.

Patient-paid healthcare services::

Modern dentistry offers more than paid by legal health insurances. Patient-paid treatments comprise:

  • Implants
    principally are the best dental prosthese, since they fully take on the function of missing teeth. Even in the event of edentulism, implants for the anchorage of prostheses may provide a completely new chewing feeling. Moreover, implants are also a very safe treatment method with an excellent long-time prognosis.
  • Mandibular advancement device
    We are glad to also advise you regarding the subject nocturnal snoring which may be effectively treated using high-grade  mandibular advancement appliances.

    Mandibular advancement device

  • Prophylaxis for adults (dental care subscription)
    Loss of teeth is not a fate. Prophylaxis is an individual and systematic prevention programme against this. Using numerous measures such as plaque diagnostics, dental care advisory service, enamel fluoridation and professional dental cleaning we can help you to maintain your teeth into an advanced age.
    Insistent dental plaque is removed using the air-flow device. Here it is dealt with a miniaturized air-powder-water high-pressure cleaner.
  • Aesthetical dentistry
    Beautiful teeth mean more quality of life as well. Dark and stained teeth may be brightened by bleaching (bleaching treatment, whitening).


    Bleaching - discoloured anterior tooth
    discoloured anterior tooth
    Bleaching - natural tooth colour
    natural tooth colour

    Ceramic veneers may be applied for covering defects at the dental surface, but also for lengthening or widening teeth, e.g. in order to close a little gap.


    Transparent dental splints for the correction of minor teeth malpositions:

    Aestheticliner 1
    Aestheticliner 2
    Aestheticliner 3
  • Ceramic inlays and partial crowns of ceramics
    replace lost dental hard tissue in a particularly natural way. They are tooth coloured, have a longer durability than composite fillings and preserve the still existing residual tooth better than any crown
Ceramic 1
Ceramic 2
Ceramic 3
  • Modern periodontal therapy
    In the event of progressive periodontitis, deep bone defects may be filled with a bone substitute and treated by the enamel matrix protein Emdogain. This is how even teeth with a weakened periodontium may be stabilized and maintained still for a long period.
  • Halitosis advisory service
    The reasons for halitosis (bad breath) may be mani-sided, but are often found in the area of the oral cavity. A detailed assessment of findings is the prerequisite for an individual treatment.
  • Sport gum shield
    available in different executions, according to the kind of sport
  • Instrumental functional diagnostics and functional therapy
    are advisable for the manufacture of complex dental prostheses as well as temporomandibular and masticatory diseases. Using the face bow, the spatial assignment of the temporomandibular joints to the maxilla is established (so-called hinge-axis localization)