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Root treatment

cross-sectioned tooth showing cariesDuring a root treatment the diseased or necrotic dental pulp inside the tooth is being removed and replaced by a root filling.

Usually due to a very deep caries the dental pulp gets inflamed and subsequently it has to be removed. In addition, dental fractures caused by an accident, biting on a very hard object or tooth grinding can necessitate a root treatment.

Of course, any treatment will be made as gentle and careful as possible. Modern anesthetic methods like the intraligamentary and the intrapulpal injection provide a safe local anesthesia even in difficult cases.

Special appliances like modern endodontic treatment motors, endometric root length measurement devices and surgical loupes with confocal LED light are essential parts of an endodontic treatment that meets the current state of scientific dentistry.

After completing the root filling a tooth can be restored by a composite resin filling or, if it is profoundly damaged, by a crown.

X-ray-gauging of the root filling points
X-ray-gauging of the root filling points
X-ray after root filling
X-ray after root filling